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Pakistan Railway Upcoming Projects (Full-Info)

Upcoming Projects In Pakistan Railway

Pakistan railway forms the lifeline of the country by providing fast transportation service. These services are terribly useful in work potency. With this facility, transport becomes terribly simple.

Many of us will travel from one place to a different place with none problem. There are many future projects coming in Pakistan Railway. Check: Pakistan Railway Stations

Auto Brakes System:-

Automatic protection system for trains will be provided in the future. If there is a Red signal and the driver is not able to stop the train then the train will automatically stop on a red signal.

Computer Based Interlocking System:-

The train assets which were destroyed and burnt on 27th December 2007 in the assassination of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto. The Muzaharin were burnt the trains that damage the computer-based interlocking from Mirpur Mathelo-Shahdadpur and Bin Qasim station.

In this incident, about 23 railway station were affected and destroyed by muzaharin. The computer-based interlocking systems are being the plan by railway administration. On 21 station this process is completed and on other station, the work is in process.

Safety Provisions:-

Provision for the safety of Human and Property will be established and supervise by efficient management. To keep save the human being from health and luggage loss.

Modern Signaling Systems:-

Morden Signaling System will be a future plan for the railway. To increase the workability of internal staff. For this project, an advisory committee is also forming. The employees need managerial skills to increase workability.

Speed Punctuality:-

Due to many technical reasons sometimes the speed limit of train become very slow. When the speed of the train becomes slow the time management also fluctuates. so there is a project in the future to maintain speed punctuality to make safe people from time barrier.

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VOIP Technology:-

Pakistan railway system wants to make an increase Mobile Lines system. For this purpose, the railway system uses the latest Fiber Optics based VOIP technology with cables to increase mobile communication.

Digital Communication Medium in Staff:-

To increase the communication between the train driver and station master Upgrade the process of digital VHF communication system. This communication system is introduced to the different station of Peshawar to Karachi.

Payroll System:-

Information Technology sector of Pakistan Railway introduced a systematic payroll system by the Oracle Software. At present, divisions square measure freelance and ready to generate their payroll system in their own premises.

Before the up-gradation of this technique, divisional workers together with the personnel from the Ministry of Railway’s yawner visit PR headquarters workplace Lahore for payroll knowledge entry and output reports

 E-Ticketing System:-

It was unswayable by the management of the Pakistan Railways to develop E-Ticketing system on latest technology indigenously. In order to implement this concept, Pakistan Railways employed IT professionals from the market and ripened the package, which is nowadays deployed and operative since 22-05-2016.

The readying of E-Ticketing project has not only placed this organization among the list of these organizations that have enforced the latest technology.

 Net Services In Trains:-

Pakistan Railway Upcoming Projects

On the proposal of upper administration, web Wi-Fi was first time presented in running trains with variegated worth flipside alternatives. The best accessible ISP (PTCL) administration wieldy in Pakistan as far as flag inclusion on the track, is giving web administration.

The workbench of executives of IT has moreover sorted out an outsider (National Institute of material science, Service of Science and Technology) for the study and proposals for the resurgence of nature of administration to the travelers.

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SMS On Mobile:-

Text Message ready wardship for PR Passengers has been propelled, all travelers get a welcome message when they get their tickets booked in Green Line Train.

Notifications conveyance to the travelers without booking of seats through electronic E-Ticketing System has been made obligatory, conveying all the data well-nigh reservation made through this framework.

Reservation System:-

In the past, all reservation offices were engaged in a distributed information setting. however at this time of these reservation offices square measure connected with the centrally settled information center at West Pakistan Railways Headquarters workplace, Lahore.

In addition to the preparation of technology, the disaster and recovery website has conjointly been established with the aim to form E-Ticketing system on the market to the general public 24/7.

SAP In Pakistan Railway:-

The sending of ERP framework has been present in Pakistan Railroads as far as SAP System in a joint effort with PIFRA. At present retire people module convey effectively which is reaching out to everywhere throughout the divisions of Pakistan Railways.

Data Of Pakistan Railway:-

The Directorate of IT has associate all Divisions of PR with Data Center at Railway Headquarters Office, Lahore for the information passage of beneficiaries at divisional dimension too.

Oracle Software:-

Probably, the information of 21,500 retired people has been gone into SAP System. Directorate of IT has redesigned finance from Oracle 7 to Oracle (most recent form) at Office, Lahore and every single other division of Pakistan Railways.

Regular Visits By Pakistan Railway Minister:-

At present, divisions are autonomous what’s more, ready to create their financial framework in their very own premises. Before the up-degree of this framework, divisional staff including the workforce from the Ministry of Railways use to visit PR HQ Office Lahore for finance information section and yield reports.

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Online Bill Payment:-

The Electric Billing System make operational for Lahore and Workshop Divisions. Whatever remains of Divisions will be computerized soon.

Increase In Public Relation:-

The Directorate is helping Directorate of Public Relation in keeping up social locales in regards to paper cuts ad news alarms.

E-Ticketing In Different Cities:-

The Directorate is moreover Partner in answering oftentimes made inquiries concerning e-Ticketing venture at social destinations.

Concession Card:-

Its Directorate has created and conveys ANDRIOD base portable application and at present accessible to open to experience reservations through mobiles. Information Technology Office has created a programming application for Journalist Concession Card Management.

All the related information for writer concession card crosswise over Pakistan will be overseen by the Directorate of Public Relation.

Online Reservation:-

Programming will be connected with the brought together reservation focus also. Directorate of IT with the assistance of this framework all system sent everywhere throughout the Pakistan Railway organize is checking fundamentally.

If there should arise an occurrence of any detachments the concern specialist organization is taken up and sought after till the blame is expelled. The effectiveness of the system is being observed through this framework from the review point of view also.

New Asset At Workplace:-

After the slip by of 13 years most recent equipment accessible in the showcase has been acquired and made operational which incorporates Servers, Desktop, Laptops, Printers, Line printers and UPSs and so forth for reservation workplaces.

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