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Pakistan Railway Officers (Full-Details)

Management of Pakistan Railway:-

Management of any organization is based on the head departments of the company. Functions of management are to plan, arrange, organize and control the organization.  Read More About Pakistan Railway Upcoming Projects


The functions of management to decide the upcoming projects of the organization. The management of any organization set its future project goals. Maintain and plan the procedure to achieve them.

Top Management:-

The control of the organization is held by the top management. In order to increase the profit the top management guide the worker to make an efficient move.

Top Management officers of Pakistan Railways:-

Top Management of railway is based on the following officer.

Chairman Pakistan Railway:-

Sultan Raja chairman of Pakistan railway. He started works in PR on 26th November 2018.

General Manager:-

Mr. Aftab Akbar is a Chief Executive Officer and General Manager in PR.

Managing Director:-

Mr. Abdul Hameed Razi is a Managing Director in railway.

Finance Member:-

Mr. Manzoor Akhtar Malik is a Member Finance in PR.

General Manager:-

Mr. Shahid Aziz is a General Manager in Pakistan railway.

General Manager:-

Mr. Muhammad Tahir is a General Manager.

General Manager Infrastructure:-

Mr. Zafar Ullah Kalwar is a General Manager Infrastructure of Pakistan railway.

Promoted Officer:-

Some officer is promoted on the performance of their duties. The list of these officers are given below:

General Manager:-

Additional General Manager (Infrastructure) Anjum Pervez was an additional general manager infrastructure but he transfers to the post of a Project Director.

Public Relation Department Head:-

Zubair Shafi Ghauri is now working as a Director of Public Relation department in Lahore.

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Property Director:-

Shakeel Ahmed is Land and Property Director at the PR headquarters in Lahore.

Chief Engineer:-

Naeemuddin is a Chief Engineer in PR.

Project Director:-

Syed Hassan is working as a Project Director of Procurement and Manufacturing.

Special Duty Officer:-

Tariq Khan is an officer on Special Duty at the PR headquarters in Lahore.

Project Director:-

Asif Mateen Zaidi is Project Director in PR.

Deputy General Manager:-

Mr. Zaidi is a Deputy General Manager at the PR headquarters.

Store and Purchase Director:-

Qurban Ali Hazara is promoting to BS-20 and now works as a Store and Purchase Director at the PR headquarters.

Other 10 officers at Pakistan Railways:-

The other important officers of Pakistan Railways. The list of the officers are given below:

Muhammad Tahir Officer in PR:-

Muhammad Tahir is a BS-20 officer of Mechanical Engineering Department of Pakistan Railways.

Fayyal Ahmad:-

Fayyal Ahmad Awan is General Manager (BS-21) in Pakistan Railway Headquarters Office Lahore.

Aijaz Ahmed Buriro:-

Aijaz Ahmad Buriro is a BS-20 officer work in Mechanical Engineering Department of Pakistan Railways

Khalid Khurshid Kunwar:-

Khalid Khurshid Kunwar is a BS-20 officer works as a Chief Operational Superintendent in Pakistan railway.

Shahrukh Afshar:-

Shahrukh Afshar is a BS- 20 officers of Civil Engineering Department of Pakistan Railways.

Waqar Ahmad Shahid:-

Waqar Ahmad Shahid is a BS-20 officer of railway transportation works as Chief Commercial (BS-20) railway headquarters office Lahore.

Agha Waseem Ahmad:-

Agha Waseem Ahmad is a BS-20 officer of railway work as Chief Marketing Manager.

Shoaib Adil:-

Shoaib Adil serves PR as Chief Marketing Manager (BS-20) in head office Lahore.

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Abdul Malik:-

Abdul Malik is a BS-10 officer of Mechanical Engineering Department of Pakistan Railways

Sahibzada Imtiaz Ahmad:-

Sahibzada Imtiaz Ahmad is a (BS-20) officer working as Procurement Director in Pakistan Railway.

Zia-ud-Din Ahmad Qureshi:-

Zia-ud-Din Ahmad Qureshi is a BS-20 officer as Director Stores and Purchases.

Azam Ghafoor:-

Azam Ghafoor is serving PR as  Director Stores and Purchase (BS-20).

Akhtar Mahmood Khattak:-

Akhtar Mahmood Khattak is a BS-19 officer of Pakistan Railways presently working as Project Director in Pakistan Railways Karachi.

Mukhtar Nabi:-

Mukhtar Nabi is a BS-19 officer working as Project Director railway department.

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