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Ahmed was born on 5th Nov 1950 in Babra Bazaar in Rawalpindi, Punjab. He received his early education from Polytechnic College. He completes his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Punjab and was a student union leader in Gordon College.

Initial Services:-

In the 1985 Pakistani vote that was survived non-party. He was non-appointive because of the member of the National Assembly for the primary time from Rawalpindi.  Check More About: Pakitan Railway schedule

Member of the National Assembly:-

The 1988 Pakistani election, he was re-elected as a result of the member of the National Assembly for the second time from Rawalpindi on Muslim Democratic Syndication.

In the Year of 1990:-

In the 1990 Pakistani election, he was re-elected because of the member of the National Assembly the third time from Rawalpindi.

The year 1993:-

In the 1993 Pakistani unstipulated election, he was re-elected because of the member of the National Assembly for the fourth time from Rawalpindi.

The year 1997:-

Ahmed serves as a member of the federal board in different positions, between 1992 and 1997. In the 1997 Pakistani unstipulated election, he was re-elected because of the member of the National Assembly for the fifth time from the urban center

Minister of Information and Broadcasting:-

Ahmed was a Federal Minister for broadcasting from 2002 to 2006. Minister of Information and Broadcasting administrate the rules and regulations and laws relating to information, dissemination and the printing media in Pakistan.

Self-Sufficient Candidate:-

For the 2002 Pakistani election, PML-N refused to predestine to Ahmed for running within the election. Ahmed was re-elected within the 2002 vote because of the member of the National Assembly for the sixth time from NA-55 (Rawalpindi) as a self-sufficient candidate.

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Work with Pervaiz Musharaf:-

Since Ahmad was thought-about a tropical worker of Pervez Musharraf so throughout his 6th tenure as a member of the National Assembly. He was scheduled as Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting within the Zafarullah Khan Jamali cabinet in Nov 2002.

Ahmed Replaced by Shaukat Aziz:-

In 2004, Ahmed throughout his tenure as Minister for information was replaced with Shaukat Aziz as minister-in-waiting United Nations agency would receive then visiting Prime Minister of Asian country Atal Sanskritic language Vajpayee while not Indian foreign ministry’s objection to the nomination of Ahmad.

Run Fateh Jung in Kashmir:-

In 2005, Pakistan nowadays according that Yasin leader personal that Ahmed had run a pain zany at Fateh Jung in the Jammu Kashmir. Wherever nearly three, 500 jihadis were trained.

Ahmed Denied leading Camps:-

Ahmed denied running such a camp. Later it absolutely was according to that Yasin leader backward his statements and denied he had too aforementioned that Ahmed running camps.

Rejection of Trip to Srinagar:-

In 2005, throughout Ahmed’s tenure as Minister for information. He was allowed to travel Srinagar, in his personal topics to go to the graves of his grandparents and meet his relatives in Jammu and Kashmir but Indian denied Ahmed’s request to travel Srinagar.

Federal Railway Minister in 2006:-

Ahmed joins Pakistan railway as a Federal Minister in 2006 to 2007. The Ministry of Railway is of the national rail network, Pakistan Railways. The ministry headquarters is found at Block D of the Pak Secretariat in Islamabad.

 Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and PTI:-

In 2008, he supports his own political organization when he was losing his seat from Rawalpindi. He loses his choice in 2008 to Javed Hashmi and later to leader Shakeel Awan.

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He discovers his own explicit gathering title as Awami Muslim League Asian country. Ahmed discovers a way to conquest his typical seat from a city in, however, align with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was Attack:-

In Feb 2010, whereas Ahmed was getting ready to endure the seat of National Assembly in the by-election in NA-55, Rawalpindi. He was attacked by unknown gunmen at his vote workplace in the Rawalpindi.

It absolutely believed religious movement militants were due to the wade that contuses Ahmed and kills 3 others note to be his bodyguards.

LAL Masjid Incident:-

Ahmed older support President Musharraf’s operation versus the militants in Federally Administered social group Areas and therefore the encirclement of Lal Masjid and has been on the listing of militants. He was defeated within the by-elections by a good margin.

Election In 2013:-

In the 2013 Pakistani election, Ahmed creates electoral syndication with Imran Khan to support one another within their various constituencies in the election.

It absolutely was according to that Ahmed has requested for a merger between his party and therefore the PTI but PTI determine to not select syndication with any organization.

Candian Authorities Clearance:-

In 2014, Ahmed was off-loading from a provincial capital unseat herb flight thanks to non-issuance of clearance by the Canadian authorities

Panama Papers:-

In Gregorian calendar month 2017, he was chosen by the PTI as a candidate for the post of Prime Ministership of Pakistan, a pursuit the resignation of outgoing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while not Panama Papers specimen call. He secures 33 votes within the 342 seat parliament and was unsuccessful.

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Minister of Pakistan Railway:-

On 18th August, Imran Khan formally spoke his federal board structure and Ahmad was named as Minister for Railways. On 20th August 2018. He was appointed in as Federal Minister for Railways within the federal board of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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