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Pakistan Railway Internship Information Of 2020

Pakistan railway provides opportunities to the students to take practical knowledge at different departments. Internship programs are very important for the student that makes them able to work in difficult situations. Basically, the students learn about working in pressures.

They get to know what is office environment, what is field work etc. Internship opportunities are very necessary for a student that give them experiences. Opportunities like this increase motivation and encouragement among students. A short trailer of their future lives that make them able to work efficiently. They interns get punctual and follow up their different routines at work.

Purpose of Internship:-

Internship opportunities provide by Pakistan railway can give knowledge about different locomotives.

  • Interns learn how different locomotives operate
  • They learn how different parts of locomotives work
  • Different kinds of trains
  • Manufacturing procedures
  • To understand the Engine of locomotives
  • Practical knowledge about Engines
  • Repairing process of Passenger and goods trains
  • Electrical and Mechanical maintenance of trains

Internship Procedures:-

There are basically two different ways to apply for an internship in Pakistan railway. The first one is referred based internship system. In this system employees of different department refer different students to the human resources department of Pakistan railway. When the summer internship program is started the human resources department circulate a mail-in different department.

After that, the different employee refers to a different student for an internship in Pakistan railway. The second way to apply for an internship in Pakistan railway is to drop the resume to the human resources department of a railway. In this process the student work under office and field environment that make the students know about the locomotives.

Departments of Pakistan railway:-

There are basically four departments in which Pakistan railway give the internship opportunities.

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  • Spring Department
  • Locomotive Department
  • Foundry Department
  • Electric and Diesel Department

Future Development of Students:-

Internship programmes at different departments in Pakistan railway are very helpful for students. The students after passing their bachelors level can apply for an internship in Pakistan railway.

The students that are related to the study of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing departments seem to be very suitable for learning about the trains. By observing the workplace at Pakistan railway they get practical knowledge. The students come closer to their professional lives.

Future Employment Opportunities:-

The interns that take training at Pakistan railway also get future opportunities in do employment at railway department of Pakistan. If Pakistan railway needs a trained person in a very short time they can hire their interns as employees.

So the internship procedures in very beneficial for both parties. The student gets the practical knowledge about different train whereas the railway department gets a trained person in they to want to hire the intern an employee.

Project-Based Internships:-

Project base internship program is a system where the interns are hired on temporary bases to complete different tasks. The time period of project-based internship is usually three months to six months. Project base internships are paid internships.

If any department of Pakistan railway wants to complete any task but they don’t have time to complete the task. They request to the human resources department of Pakistan railway. to hire an intern to complete such tasks. Pakistan railway department hires an intern to complete such work and pays them for their duties.

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Experience Certificates:-

An internship time period is usually of four to six weeks. After the completion of the internship tenure, the interns are liable to submit an internship report. The internship report is consists of there daily takes. Their daily performance on different assign tasks is noticed and checked by their supervisors.

After that on the bases of their performance and project reports the supervisor to assign their grades. On the bases of their grades, they get their experiences certificates. The experience certificate is signed by the head of a department.

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