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Pakistan Railway History (All-Details)

Pakistan railway is the fast way of transportation. The history of the railway is very old. The modernized system of Pakistan railway is the result of hardworking many years. The Evidence of stabilizing the system of the railway was symptomizing very early.

Trains are the way of transportation inside the country. Train services are promoting to tackle the problem of time. The fast way of transport is the best way to save time.

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The Initial thought of Railway:-

The initial idea of a train network is introduced in 1847. In that era of time, the sub-continent was not to establish. There were a lot of hurdles in the transportations of goods and passenger. In that time it was very difficult to transport heavy goods from one place to another. So to overcome this problem and to save time. The idea of a rail system in sub-continent was introduced.


The transportation of trains started in 1855 in sub-continent when there was a British government. The first commissioner of Sindh Sir Henry Edward Frere takes permission for the survey at Karachi Seaport from Lord Dalhousie. A train was started for the purpose of the survey. The fast way of transportation was required to overcome time difficulty. To manage time train were introduced.

British Government:-

At that time the railway system was owned and organized by the British government. Initially, Pakistan railway was named as Pakistan Western Railway. British government started the railway system.

Railway Organization in Sub-Continent:-

The Railway Organization of sub-continent starts the first train in May 1961. This train covers the distance of 105 miles between Karachi to Kotri. The first train was introduced to provide public service. The railway Organization facilitates the general people. For the purpose of general public buy the ticket and can ride on trains.

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Private companies owned rails:-

Early on there were four private companies that own railway assets. These four companies were in Sindh Railway Organization, Punjab Railway Organization, Delhi Railway Organization, and Indus Steam Flotilla Railway Organization.

In 1870 these different railway organizations were merged into Sindh, Punjab and Delhi Railway Organization. After this process, the new short lines were introduced in different cities.


In 1947 Pakistan came into being. The assets were divided between both countries India and Pakistan. The railway routes of 8122 km were transfer to Pakistan and 3133 km routes transfer to Hindustan.

Initial Profit in 1948:-

In 1948 the railway of Pakistan was making a profit because of the excessive use of trains. At that time a lot of people using the train for transportation purposes. they buy tickets that increase the profit of Pakistan railway organization.

Extended railway tracks:-

In 1954 and 1956 the new trains and train lines were introduced. To facilitate more passenger in different areas. People that belong to different areas have to work for their living but they have not transportation services. So the railway organization of Pakistan provide public transport and for trade purpose.

Financial Damage in 1980:-

In 1980 there was a downfall for Pakistan Railway. in the year of 1980. Only a few people were using trains. Pakistan railway was suffering from a reduction in funds.

Suspension of different tracks in 1990:-

Many of the trains and tracks were suspended for new schemes. Pakistan was a new country and at that time Pakistan was making progress. New project for the betterment of nation was introduced. for this purpose, some of the trains and trains lines were suspended.

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