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A train that operates by electricity or power storage battery is called the Electric Train.  Electric trains are the fastest way of transportation. In Pakistan, there are 29 Electric trains. These trains have 3000 horsepower. The trains are out of order because of unserviceable railway tracks.

It needs 750 volts electric supply to move. So the electric trains need back up of electricity. Pakistan Electric trains are an efficient way of transportation. Pakistan railway aims to earn a profit by electric trains. It was introduced in 2009. Pakistan railway develops electric trains at various stations but these services are suspended in 2010.

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The Engine of Electric Trains:-

An electric train does not have an ordinary engine. Electric trains use the external electric power supply to move. Electric trains need high voltage to move. It uses direct current.

The power station supplies electricity to trains. The electricity locomotives internally and externally design to work sufficiently with electricity. Direct current from outside transforms the density of electricity into voltage.

Modern Design of Electric Train:-

Electric trains are designed to handle electric pressures. The circuits of power are made by different parts.

  • Main Inverter
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Main Rectifier
  • Cooling Fans
  • Auxiliary Rectifiers
  • AC Motor
  • Main Transformers
  • Axle Brush
  • Electric Links

Maintenance of Electric Trains:-

Every Electric machine needs daily maintenance to work properly. Checking of these electricity machines increases their life. These electric trains are formed to save fuel. A minimum time period between analysis of these parts should be of 6 months.

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Electric trains should be checked regularly. The Electrical circuit of the train is very complex so it needs an efficient checkup. If the circuit breaks the Pakistan railway transportation may too much suffering from a huge problem.

Reasons for Suspension in Pakistan:-

In 2010 this train was suspended by Pakistan Railway. Pakistan railway started these trains to provide a fast way of transportations. Pakistan is an underdeveloped country there is an issue of electricity shortfall. In Pakistan, there is a lot of reason for suspension of an electric train. Pakistan Railway face these problems.

  • The shortfall of Electricity in Pakistan
  • Insufficiency of Funds
  • Theft of Railway Tracks
  • Lack of Skill Person
  • Power Stations Maintenance
  • Employees of Electric Trains
  • Deficiency of Supervisors


Above is described the electric trains. The Electric train introduced by Pak Railway. This train was introduced to save fuel. It is an electric train. The train totally depends on complex electric circuits.

The best design of electric train introduces by the electrical engineers of Pakistan. The electricity for trains is power by high voltage power stations. Maintenance of electric trains is very important. To make an electric train work properly it should be check regularly.

These trains are run on copper tracks. about 75% of tracks are stolen. This was a big problem for Pakistan railway. If Pakistan railway wants to open the electric train again the electricity will be a big problem for this project. Electric train running face the short of funds. Nowadays Electric trains are running between small towns.

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