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Green Line Train Pakistan 2020 (Full-Information)


GreenLine Express is a traveler train that worked day by day by Pakistan Railways among Karachi and Islamabad. The outing takes around 21 hours to cover a distribute separation of 1,521 kilometers (945 mi).

Going along a stretch of the Karachi to Peshawar Railway Line. The train was initiated by the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on 15 May 2015 at Islamabad railroad station. Check Also: Green Line Train Booking

Travel To Green Line:-

To go to Islamabad from Karachi through Green Line yet this could not be conceivable in light of the fact that we did not get the tickets. Indeed even seven days before when went to Cantt station to purchase tickets for individuals.

Since we’re planning to get one compartment there were no seats accessible. Separate seats anyway were accessible so had no other decision yet to go for Business Express from Karachi to Lahore and after that from Lahore on a Daewoo to Islamabad.

Time Of Arrival:-

The train was expected at 8:10 pm from Lahore and the train took off at definite 8:13 pm.

Train Of Time:-

All of a sudden contrasted with Swiss trains where individuals can coordinate trains to a clock. Without a doubt, this was a major thing for us a Pakistani train to be nearly on time.

Accessories On Train:-

The following thing ventures inside the train and it was so spotless. When got in the compartment and it was furnished with clean covers, plastic glasses, and pads.


The cushion covers more utilize and filthy so request a difference in pad covers. The Air conditioner was in flawless working condition and its cooling was magnificent.

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Furnish Compartments:-

The train was furnished with an Urdu paper and next was supper. When contrast with Business Express Train supper arrives somewhat late. On Business Express we were served supper at 8:00 pm and on Green Line Train supper touch base at 9:00 pm.

Food On Train:-

There were 2 naans sufficient measure of chicken salad daal and Adams zeera, raita. With the exception of the reality, there was no rice and sweet, the sustenance gets full stars as far as taste and freshness.


In spite of the fact that the train was not caring for a quick train, it had speed and by not ceasing for long at little stations. It didn’t make the travelers unsettled.

LCD On Train:-

There was a Changhong LCD screen and it had a decent gathering of documentaries. Old Pakistani shows like Angar Waadi, Bollywood motion picture Gabbar, Hollywood motion pictures Focus and The Kingsman The Secret Service, Children’s film Home Alone.


Be that as it may, the greatest disadvantage of the Green Line Train was an exceptionally wasteful working WiFi. It simply did not work. It indicated looks at working at certain stops yet in general one cannot call it an accessible WiFi. Furthermore, I Really trust that is not so distant future their WiFi frameworks get the opportunity to work.

Air Conditioned Train:-

Rest serenely since their AC was not chilling virus when contrasted with Business Express. In which the AC was extraordinarily cool that we needed to cover ourselves with layers of garment particularly kids.

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Washing Bowl Facility:-

Another noteworthy component of the Green Line Train was the different washing bowls. Which are situated toward the finish of every compartment? So don’t need to go to the can just to wash your hands or wash your child’s jug and so forth.

Water Container:-

Water containers for hot and cold water are an enormous help for moms with little children.

Tooth Brush And Shaving Cream:-

The following morning around 7:00 am we were furnished with papers and a complimentary morning pack which comprise of a toothbrush. A little container of close up, a brush, a razor and shaving cream, and a little cleaner. Things that are amazingly helpful for any individual voyaging.

Breakfast On Green Line Train:-

Around 8:30 am breakfast was presented with 3 toasts. A flawlessly cooked omelet, margarine, jam and tea, and a spoon and a spreading blade.


Uncommon parlors for the Green Line Train travelers in the stations of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. The parlors have agreeable couches and huge forced air systems however the state of the toilets is extremely normal.

Enjoyable Rides:-

It was an outright pleasurable affair to go in Green Line Train with family and children. Entirely agreeable and pleasant. Wanting to enjoy all that life has to offer to Green Line Train for the future and expectation that it generally keeps up its status.


Green Line is the new quick extravagance Pakistani train. Which keep running between Karachi to Margala Rawalpindi by means of Hyderabad, Rohri,  Bhawalpur, Khanewal, Lahore, Chaklala and Margala.

Definite Timing:-

The planning of trains in Pakistan is a tremendous issue more often than not the trains are hours late than their decided time. Because of the planning and solace issue, voyagers moved to transport benefits that offered definite timings and solace too.

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Passenger Transportation:-

Voyagers quit utilizing trains and because of which the state of the railroad went from terrible to most noticeably awful. In the most recent decade, numerous travelers have moved from trains to transport benefits because of the vulnerability of the trains.

Be that as it may, when the adventure is long then the transport is likewise not a decent alternative as one can’t sit in a similar signal of long spans.

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